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 Is police right or not ?

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PříspěvekPředmět: Is police right or not ?   10.09.10 19:22

Ill try to write what happnd.
1.You are noticed that you can not make a video like that on this place, that you have to use some room in some house. That you need a permit to dance here to make dance video.

Is this correctly what happend? Can anyone agree ?

Ill try to write what happnd.
2.He wants you to go over there, because time square is private property ?
She tells you you can not do that on time square, that it will take you to the court ?
I hear very badly what she says,I am not english.

Is this correctly what happend? Can anyone agree ?

I badly hear what they are saying. They all even talk at one time :-D at some point (and thats not an exemplary social behaviour) And the voice is badly recogniseable.

Ill try to write what happend.
Despite I do not hear it all, it seems
3. This time they tell you you can not dance on time square ? Because it is private property.

Is this correctly what happend? Can anyone agree ?

It is very clear, that they dont want you do dance here. It is their main reason to talk to you.
But it is nonsence ! I think! I think there is no law that would forbid you to! You can dance everywhere, because you are happy!!!!!!! sunny bounce cheers clown flower jocolor I love you
Why could not you dance on time square ?
And they call it performace ?
The only reason to consider this, would be if you would make money of it! Right ?
You are not an actor, you are a dancing human being.
They say you can not dance here, because it is private property, but the man tell you go over there it is private property. Like he wants to move your body from place to place.

Is time square really a private property ?

If not, they lie at all! But we will call it, they are mistaken...

Why would he wants to the people to keep moving them ? In opinion how he did it, isn't that a sign of something not nice ? I would hardly remember that it is some kind of sudden thoughtless reaction.(It should never be seen by the police...)
Police is here to fight bad guys, but there we can see they fight a good guy. Is something wrong ? Good guy does not do bad things. Is the bad one the law, or the police ?

If there are legal papers sayng, that they are mistaken, then you have the right to be compensated!

If anyone wants to solve this situation, the first step is to see and write what happend. It has to be as exact as possible.

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Is police right or not ?
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